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Auto Detail Services In Bucks County, PA

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Detailing Services

*The pricing below assumes the vehicle has "not" been misused. Vehicles in poor condition due to food, animals or other abusive use will be priced accordingly.
Red Sports Car - Mobile Car Wash Services in Bucks County, PA
Clean black car - Mobile Car Wash Services in Bucks County, PA
EXECUTIVE DETAIL (Exterior) $85 to $135 based on vehicle size and condition

First your vehicle is hand washed, your vehicle is then compounded and polished. This step removes fine scratches and road film from your car's finish. Then your vehicle receives our clay bar treatment which gives your car that silky-smooth new car feel. We then remove any road tar and bugs from your cars exterior. Your car is then hand waxed to protect and seal your new shine. Your wheels and wheel wells are cleaned, windows are done and tires are shined.
PRESIDENTIAL PLUS DETAIL Cars $125, Mid-size, SUVs & Mini-Vans $165, Full Size SUV & Large Truck $185.
*Ranges based on condition of vehicle
Includes: The executive detail along with the interior detail.
2012 Award - Mobile Detail Services In Bucks County, PA
Award - mobile detail services in bucks county, pa
THE GUARDIAN - Cars $175 Mid-size, SUVs & Mini-Vans $200, Full Size SUV & Large Trucks, Expeditions, Excursions etc $225 and up.
*Ranges Based on condition of vehicle
Provides the full service of the Presidential Plus Detail with these added extras:
  • Extended Protection 9-12months
  • Two Coats of Teflon Sealant
  • Scotchguard Rugs & Upholstery
  • Leather Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Qtip Detailing of the Dash & Console
  • Engine Cleaned & Sealed
INTERIOR DETAIL - $85 to $135 based on vehicle size and condition
*Ranges Based on condition of vehicle

This service completely cleans and shampoo's your vehicles, rugs, and seats. All interior surfaces are cleaned and dressed including the dash, door panels, console, vents, cup holders …etc. Conditioner is applied to all leather interiors. We then completely vacuum the rugs, seats and including the trunk.

INTERIOR DEODORIZING (Full Detail) - $49.95

Our system does not just cover-up odors, it eliminates them by killing the germs and bacteria that cause them. This is achieved by introducing a sanitizing germ and bacteria killing fog into your cars interior. This fog penetrates the rugs, seats, headliners, door panels, and vents. Killing germs and bacteria wherever they hide. No surface cleaning can match the power for sanitizing fog. This system treats the worst condition for animal smells, smoke (cigar, cigarettes) sour milk, stale food, vomit, and solid waste.
*Note : Any required cleaning should be done before this service is performed.

The Golden Glove Detail
This package offers the ultimate protection to your vehicle inside & out. Your vehicle receives full scotch guard on the interior. The exterior is triple coat protected with a 3 stage Teflon poly sealer which protects your vehicle as if its wearing a bullet proof vests. Pricing includes our full detail service cars $200, Med-size Vehicles $225 (Mini-Vans, Cross Over etc.), Full size Vehicles $250 (Large Trucks, Expeditions, Excursions etc.).